Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami looks at the true benefits of a college education

It’s one of those things that some people take for granted and in some ways, a college education has become somewhat more “normal”.

Of course, it’s still hugely expensive, and this means that not one single person in the world is just going to expect to go to college – there are a lot of financial factors to consider, amongst other issues.

This is something that Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami knows all about. He has carved an extremely successful career in the financial industry and during the early days, he relied heavily on his strong education to net him those first posts.

We have today tapped into his knowledge to query what the true benefits of going to college are.

The financial factor

As we have already said, going to college is now considered more normal. Ultimately, it means that a lot of employers expect that you will have a college degree behind you.

While there are cases of individuals earning high sums of money without a degree, these are becoming few and far between. Most employers will more or less demand that you possess one and without it, you won’t be considered for a post. This is true whether you are applying for jobs in Miami, or a completely different state.

Following on from the above, it stands to reason that college graduates earn more than those who don’t have such education behind them.

The network factor

Of course, it’s not all about money. While this will be a big factor for a lot of people, there are other reasons why going to college is an absolute no-brainer. One of these is the network that you develop.

You won’t just be rubbing shoulders with experienced professors, and other reputable people in the industry you are looking to head into, but your fellow students will also have plenty to offer in the coming years. You will meet people who will be working in the same sector as you and it’s networks like these which are invaluable as you enter the world of work.

You also gain other skills

When you think about college, it’s easy to think about the direct benefits. In other words, it’s easy to think about all of the technical knowledge that you will accumulate in relation to the field you are about to go in.

However, it’s also important to think about the wider picture. You will gain a lot of soft skills, which are often forgotten about when you are weighing up the pros and cons of going to college. For example, you will find out how to deliver presentations, write reports and generally, just communicate more effectively. These are skills which should not be understated; they are transferable, meaning that they will work in whatever industry that you decide to apply yourself in later in life. In short, make sure that you look at the bigger picture as you consider your options.


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