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Gregory Pimstone on Out of Network Emergency Care

Out of Network Emergency Care deals with emergencies where the patients could be treated at the first hour without considering the billing of the out-of-network emergency room. This action doesn’t require that the patient’s health policy has a contract with the ER where he got submitted. But unfortunately, the way emergency room care is administered is quite different from the usual and expected norms and focuses on paying all kinds of billing expenses, said Gregory Pimstone, one of the leading health care litigators in the state of California. The ER should be a place of safety and miracles only. 

Under such circumstances, the billing expenses of the patients increase unknowingly, and they might not be able to pay it. This catastrophe happens because a patient may not have a health insurance contract with the company or the ER where he was submitted for treatment. That’s the main reason for the confusion created. Whichever ER hospital a patient visits, he is treated well, but the unhandy expense imposes a burden on him. 

At here, few emergency care rooms sign a contract or have policies that do not impose out-of-pockets charges. But the rest leaves the whole responsibility to the patient because here, the responsibility goes far to the patient’s insurance policy.

For this, there should be a legislature that sets out the reasonable prices of the services provided to the patient. Here, Gregory Pimstone played a role and took action here to decrease the costs or adjust the disturbance of the Emergency Care room. He focused on imposing a law that will not render the patient to pay all the expenses that are not reasonable for him. 

Here the law requires to set some reasonable prices for such patients, but still, the dispute was there what are reasonable prices and what is the formula to set those. Here the case arose, Children’s Hospital Central California v Blue Cross of California, 226 Cal. App. 4th 1260 (2014). 

According to this, the expenses are set away a buyer is willing to pay to a willing seller. But this act required the pieces of evidence that a court needs, and, in the end, it would become difficult for both the buyer and the care room services provider to show all the records because every patient will have different expenses and have different situations. 

Gregory Pimstone focused on paying rational prices where all should be treated fairly. Then, a comprehensive law of reform came into action, which is called as Affordable Care Act ACA. The law increased the coverage expenses for those who cannot pay any expenses. Thus, this system ensures a better health care system. 

This law faced opposition before, and after its implementation, yet California’s supreme court took this law into action and promised a standardized health care system that ensures never imposing a burden on patients. Here Gregory Pimstone took part in it and tackled it well. He also investigated the frauds that happened after the implementation of ACA.


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