10 Totally Taboo Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life

If your bedroom is just a place you go to sleep, then you probably need to spice up your sex life

Sure, if you’ve been in a relationship with the same person for a long time, then the fireworks may have started to fade. But that doesn’t mean you can’t re-ignite them and have them be more amazing than ever before. 

While sex is often a subject that couples have a hard time talking openly about, opening the door to new ideas can make things a lot more exciting when the sun goes down. 

Here are 10 ideas to kick your sex life into high gear…

1. Role Play

Why not pretend you’re someone else for the sake of sexual excitement? Say, for example, pretend you’ve never met your partner. You engage them in random conversation and then slowly seduce them to the point where you end up in bed together. 

Or you can take the fantasy even further than that. Perhaps you fantasize about a teacher/student encounter or a police officer you’re trying to convince to drop a ticket. Or, it could be a patient being “checked out” by a doctor. 

Of course, these are things you probably wouldn’t do otherwise, but you’ll have the safety of your partner’s consent to move forward and really have some fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll wow yourself (and your partner) with your acting skills? 

2. Change Positions

It’s easy for people to fall into the habit of doing sex the same way over and over. So, for example, if you like being on the bottom usually, why not change your point of you and try being on top?

Changing your position can change how the action feels and also what you see. It could mean being able to look into the eyes of your partner or better stimulation. 

Maybe you’ve seen some tricks in videos you’ve secretly browsed, or you could crack open the Kama Sutra for some more ideas. 

3. Make out First 

While intercourse is the goal, it can get boring if you go straight there every time. Instead, try to remember the initial passion you had for your partner, and how you used to make out in public without shame. 

That doesn’t mean you need to make it a PDA, but deep kissing before the main event can increase the feeling of intimacy and anticipation. 

4. Share Romantic Stories

If you have a fantasy scenario in mind, why not turn it into a story for your partner? You can make them the star of the story with you as the co-star.

Create a plot and make the sex scenes as detailed and steamy as you can handle. They should be things that you might want to re-enact in real life. This can make your partner very hot and bothered with only one way to deal with it. 

5. Talk It out

Maybe you are relatively silent during sex, aside from the odd moan and grunt. However, while it might feel awkward at first, you can add some dialogue to your sex sessions to bring it up a notch.

Tell your partner explicitly how much you like what they’re doing, or what you’d like to do next. Don’t be shy about vocalizing the experience. 

6. Ditch the Bedroom

If things aren’t that exciting for you in the bedroom, then why not remove the bedroom from the equation?

You might want to try having sex in another room of the house. For example, you could take a shower together that gets extra steamy. Or, you could even have an unexpected session in the living room while watching a movie together. 

7. Use Toys

Toys aren’t just for kids. They can be like a third person in bed with you and your partner when done right. 

Some of the toys can help you experience new positions and even some that let you deliver some pleasure to your partner from a distance. 

If you’re into certain fetishes, then the Whizzinator might be just the product you’re looking for. 

Of course, sex toys can also be used solo for when your partner isn’t there. 

8. Record the Act

Why not make adult movies – with you and your partner as the stars? 

Set up a phone cam or video camera on a tripod in the bedroom to record your session, and then play it back later to get you back in the mood. It can be a real turn-on for some couples to view themselves from a third eye. 

Just be careful about privacy – you might want to be careful about where you store those videos due to the possibility of hacking. You could keep them on your device or delete them after viewing.

Or, you can use analog tape so there’s no chance of it leaking into the digital world. Unless, of course, you want it to be leaked. 

9. Watch Erotic Movies Together

Watching porn together might not be something you’ve considered, and it might feel a little embarrassing at first. But it can have its rewards for a stagnated sex life. Let each other choose some movies that appeal to each of your inner fantasies. 

But be sure to follow some basic rules – don’t spring the movies on your partner as a surprise, discuss your intentions in advance. If you really don’t like the content your partner is showing you, tell them so. Agree to move on to something else in that situation. 

10. Use Mirrors

This is kind of like a live-action movie without the need for a recording device. 

Either set up a large mirror beside or above your bed (or find a snazzy hotel room) and watch your reflection while you have sex. It might be a turn on to see yourselves in action, and who knows, maybe it can help you perfect your technique. 

Spice Up Your Sex Life

By overcoming some inhibitions and talking to your partner about trying some of these techniques, you might be able to spice up your sex life and reignite that excitement you once had together between the sheets. 

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