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By the time July arrives (and it’s right around the corner), it’s almost unthinkable to consider layering when you’re getting dressed for the day. Especially on the East Coast, the sticky, humid air doesn’t exactly inspire creative dressing. Sometimes though, you have a moment (or you feel a breeze) and one layer just won’t do. This is the season of the vest.

Figuring out how to wear a vest in the summer is really just about marrying your occasion for wearing it with your personal style. For some reason I think that in women’s minds vests are one of the trickiest pieces to wear right. A sleeveless jacket? What’s the point? (Style is the point, obviously.) The key with vests is what you wear under them.

Our three favorite ways to wear a vest are fun, easy and wearable in a variety of summer situations. For example, a night out is the perfect time for a sleek tuxedo vest in white or black, especially if you love the menswear trend. Wear it over a party dress or sexy blouse with killer heels.

A denim vest is perfect weekend wear—pair it over a sundress, a maxi, or just about anything, really. Feeling bold? Why not try the denim-on-denim look…

Depending on your proportions, you might find that a cropped vest looks more flattering than one that hits at the hip like a blazer would, or that you like the draping of one without much structure and made from a softer fabric.

To get you inspired to try a vest this summer, we’ve styled three different ones in three different ways. Browse and shop the slideshow above and get ready for the easiest summer layering ever.

By Taylor Davies (@shutupilovethat)

More style advice, coming right up…

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