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Work outfits for women don’t have to be boring. Take a cue from Prabal Gurung’s resort collection and rethink what to wear to work this summer.

Who isn’t excited for summer? Between the crop tops, maxi dresses, and plethora of cute shorts, there’s plenty to keep your credit card occupied. But dressing solely for your nine-to-five can be a real style buzzkill. Unless you work in a creative field, most dress codes don’t really allow for those cutout dresses or flat sandals that you’ve been stocking up on. (Or maybe there are no rules in your office and you can show up in jean shorts when it’s not even a casual Friday.)

The key to figuring out what to wear to work in the summer is finding a balance between comfort and style so that you look polished and season-appropriate. Sounds great, but what does that mean you actually wear? Well, just when we were in desperate need of new work outfits, a little inspiration came in the form of Prabal Gurung’s resort collection. Prabal has a background designing sportswear having put in several years at Bill Blass before starting out on his own. And if his past several collections haven’t acknowledged that area of expertise, his latest showing proved that he can do the classic-chic look too.

I’m lucky enough to have a lot of leeway with what I wear to work so when I think about traditional “work clothes,” I think traditional suit. Does a suit have to be boring, black, and paired with a matching pump? No! If there is any immediate takeaway to Prabal’s collection it’s that layering prints (as he does in the look above) is a great way to mimic the look of suiting while keeping silhouettes fresh and young. Instead of a blazer, try the new boxy-shaped jacket. Trade in your skirt and button-down blouse for a much younger dress. And there is nothing more fresh than a white shoe—even cooler in the form of a summer boot.

Work clothes for women can actually be cute. So before you buy that ubiquitous white blouse, click through the collage above our ideas on what to wear to work.

By Megan Hayes (@_mshayes)

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