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HOW TO TRAVEL IN STYLE: Sometimes all you need to chic up your travel persona is the right inspiration. We asked jewelry designer and world traveler Aurélie Bidermann to share her secrets to mastering the perfect vacation style. See what she had to say here.

Ever since Memorial Day weekend people have had travel on the brain. Think about the last time you were out. What are you up to this weekend? and Any travel plans on the horizon? are the most popular questions besides How are you? Whether or not you have summer Fridays, you’re thinking about the weekend come Wednesday. And the minute you get back from that summer trip you’re eager to plan the next one.

Not all of us are lucky to have the travel schedule of a flight attendant or celebrity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t live vicariously through someone that does. In the first of our series on vacation style, jewelry designer Aurélie Bidermann reveals her travel secrets and packing tips guaranteed to inspire your next stylish trip.

From what she wears on the plane (spoiler alert, not leggings) to her signature shades (Yellow Plus—a brand so cool I hadn’t even heard of it), there’s no shortage of chic travel ideas and summer styling tips.

Scroll through the slideshow above to shop Bidermann’s laid-back vacation style and keep below for the full interview. How to travel in style never sounded so easy.

ByMegan Hayes (@_mshayes)



What’s your travel uniform?
When I take a plane my priority is to be comfortable. In general, I prefer wearing a pair of jeans with slippers and for the top I always take something warm because I am always freezing on the plane, like a cashmere pullover or shawl.

Each Summer I go to the Amalfi coast; it’s the best place ever for holiday with friends and family. I really love this place; everything is so beautiful. The colors are exceptional and very inspiring for me.

Where do you stay?
It depends, sometimes I stay at a hotel or I'm invited by friends to their houses. I have to say that I prefer to be in a house with my friends; it's more pleasant for the summer holiday.

Favorite hotel amenity:
Without hesitation, the restaurant! My favorite meal is breakfast. It's very important for me to eat a good breakfast for energy!

Suitcase of choice:
I always travel with my customized Eastpak suitcase...there are many of my charm's on it!

Travel essentials:
For the plane, my essentials are my iPod, a book, and a good sleep mask!

For the beach, my summer essentials are some colorful dresses, made to measure shorts, a pair of Rondini sandals, and obviously a camera, my notebook for sketching, and good music!

Beach read:
For this summer I absolutely want to read the The Andy Warhol Diaries by Pat Hackett.

Favorite Swimsuit:
I'm partial to Eres and Lisa Marie Fernandez swimwear. I think I have all the shapes and colors possible!

Signature Shades:
Yellows Plus—a cool Japanese brand that makes beautiful sunglasses. The Inez shape is perfect for me!

Summer scent:
The scent of Positano Bougainvillea

Beach bag:
Without any doubts, my vintage Marni bag. Every summer, the color fades a bit but I love it! 

Beach jewelry?
I never remove my favorite engraved gold bangles! For summer, just add some colored Copacabana and Takayama bracelets. I also wear my lucky charms long necklace and turquoise earrings.

Tips to beat jet lag?
I try to sleep on the plane and on arrival I just take a shower and so I can start my day!

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