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Spring Fashion Trends—Tribal accessories are the perfect way to fake a little vacation style.

Enjoying the sun and sand in some tropical location? You’ll probably post a pic. Dancing your Saturday night away with your friends? I bet I’ll see that in my feed. It’s no secret that Facebook and Instagram are the perfect places to post all of those fun things you’re doing. But what happens when you’re having a bit of a social dry spell? The NY Times published an article last year about FOMO—the fear of missing out. What may initially sound like a silly concept is actually more relatable than you might realize. After all, there are only so many vacation pictures you can like on Instagram before you start to feel a little jealous of your friends and their fabulous holidays.

While we’re not offering an all-expenses vacation to Bali, we’re here to bandaid the problem with a little help from the spring fashion trends. When people go away in the summer, they come back with two things—a tan and something cool from the local area. So if you can’t get away, a little self tanner and a tribal accessory or two can help you achieve that enviable vacation style.

From a raffia sandal from Tory Burch to tiger eye earrings from Dolce & Gabbana, we’ve got the perfect pieces to help you pretend you actually traveled.

Click through the collage above to shop our favorite vacation style-inspired pieces and stage a little stylish staycation.

By Megan Hayes (@_mshayes)

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