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Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor became an "It Girl" the moment she arrived on the scene and caught the eye of party photographers far and wide, but the model, DJ, actress and fashion designer is on the move and out to prove she's more than just a pretty face with a famous family. Photographer: Marco Cella Stylist: Alex Sweterlitsch Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist: Ann Marie DeMauro-Behling 

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When your father's a rock legend (Duran Duran bassist John Taylor) and your mother's a notorious photographer (Amanda de Cadenet), you would think growing up would be one big free-for-all. Model, DJ and all-around "It Girl" Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor may have inherited her parents' good looks and musical talent, but is quick to point out the misconceptions.

"My parents were super strict in some aspects, like my dad doesn't like it when I swear," De Cadenet Taylor said. "I didn't really watch TV until I was 10 or 11."

But that doesn't mean De Cadenet Taylor's upbringing would be considered normal. The 22-year-old Brit grew up with papparazzi constantly snapping shots outside of her house and 'bandies' following her every move, not to mention being surrounded by famous faces.

"When my godfather would come to school shows and all the parents would make a big deal about it, I'd be like, 'Mom, why are people taking pictures of Keanu [Reeves]? I don't understand,'" she said.

Years later, De Cadenet Taylor has made a name for herself in her own right. She was discovered as a young teen when she caught the eye of party photographer Mark Hunter of the blog Cobra Snake. Candid shots of a sociable scenester in her element sparked a legitimate modeling career in major glossies from Marie Claire to Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair. De Cadenet Taylor has even been asked to represent brands like Current/Elliott denim in their Fall 2013 lookbook.  

Reflecting back, De Cadenet Taylor recognizes how her partying past jumpstarted her career, but she isn't nostalgic for those days.

"Everyone parties. The difference was that we had people taking photos of us," she said. "I never want to end up like a lot of people that were around at that time. I just kind of makes me sad."

Instead, De Cadenet Taylor took a different direction. "I made a conscious decision to build a career and take other photos of myself than just having glitter on my face, holding a 40." 

And build she has. Her personal style of playful prints and bohemian glamour has not only become serious street style fodder, but actually inspired her to one day start designing her own clothing line. The in-demand DJ has become a fashion world darling, providing a soundtrack that usually includes a track or two from her dad's band and even scored a cameo in Gia Coppola's buzzy new film Palo Alto. 

"I guess that’s what your early 20s are for—finding unexpected things and trying them out. My father always says, 'work begets work,'" she said. "I was never really spoiled. Ever. That's a big misconception about me."

Lest you think it's all work and no play for this girl of the moment, De Cadenet Taylor admits she's a little boy crazy these days. She hopes to "spread the word" that she's single and looking.

So, what's her type? "Tall, skinny band boys. I like men that can make fun of me," De Cadenet Taylor said. "I'm a real shit-talker and need someone who can throw it back." Game on.

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