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Chiara Ferragni

[ Photographer Frankie Batista / Stylist: Sean Knight / Hair: Kerrie Urban / Make Up: Daniele Piersons ]       

Chiara Ferragni may be Italian by birth, but she's a California girl at heart. Ferragni, aka The Blonde Salad, has become so much more than a popular blogger. The international style icon, footwear designer and fashion muse shows us her favorite spots in L.A. while rocking her signature sporty-chic look.

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             There’s a theory that where you are born isn’t necessarily where you're meant to be. It’s why countless people flock to New York City, Milan or Paris to jumpstart a career in fashion or why millions of online quizzes ask ‘where should you actually live?’

            Chiara Ferragni’s roots may be in Italy, but her heart and soul is firmly planted in Los Angeles. The Cremona native says that while she will always take the love of her family with her wherever she goes, she is most inspired by the style and flair of California girls.

            “The Hollywood sign makes me think of all the dreamers in the world. Keep dreaming. I still remember every day how all of this was just a dream for me,” she said.

            And a dream life it is. Ferragni launched her style blog when she was just a law student in 2009 and has since become a veritable fashion empire in her own right. The Blonde Salad, named after her mixed array of interests, is now a handbook for how to recreate her unique and covetable style--a combination of kitschy pop culture references and luxury designers. A high-low combination, in fact, that has become de rigueur for the fashion set worldwide. Ferragni says her Italian background formed her elegant taste while influences from traveling around the world have given her a sporty side.



             “The Cali shabby-chic look really gets to me. I love to mix designers and vintage Americana clothes,” she said.

              But Ferragni has become so much more than Italy’s most notorious blogger. Her site’s massive social presence has catapulted her into international fame and inspired collaborations with prominent brands including Dior, Louis Vuitton and Hogan. Her face has graced the covers of major magazines, and she has even launched an eponymous shoe line. Most recently, she’s debuted the Chiara Ferragni official e-shop, where fans can purchase winking suede slippers, sporty Velcro sneakers and edgy leather boots.

Browsing through the site, you'll be hard-pressed to find the stilettos and pumps most tastemakers covet. Leading the zeitgeist of modern luxury, Ferragni finds that comfort is truly the key.

            “I hardly ever wear heels and when I do, it’s only at night,” she said. “I am actually very hyperactive, but also I am the most laid-back person I know. I love to just gently soak up the sun.”

            Spoken like a true California girl.

By: Emily Sher (@shershare)


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