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Miroslava Duma: Dress Like a Street Style Star

The fashion editor turned media mogul opens up about Russian vs. American fashion, what her husband thinks about her street style fame and the new trends she can’t wait to try.

Photographed by Raphael Lugassy. Makeup by Kym Menzies-Foster. Hair by Vernon François. Shot at the Park Hyatt in Paris. Creative Director: Robert Rabensteiner.

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You’ve seen her street style photos. She’s taught you how to wear color. You’ve obsessed over her inspiring daily outfit diary. Now, founder of Russian news site Buro 24/7, fashion editor, and consultant Miroslava Duma takes a break from jetting from Fashion Week to Fashion Week for an exclusive Lifestyle Mirror photo shoot in Paris. Read on for her tips on how to get dressed for the street style photographers, her designers to watch and what her husband really thinks about her street style fame.

Lifestyle Mirror: Describe your personal style.

Miroslava Duma: Experimental. Like Russian foreign policy.

LM: How does living in Russia affect your personal style?

MD: Very much. My style always has elements of my roots and where I came from.  I dress based on mood, the people I'm around, the weather. In winter I just put up with the reality and wear three sweaters , hats, gloves and a fur coat. In Russia we call it "smart casual."

LM: What's the difference between Russian style and American style?

MD: I would say Russians are a lot bolder with the way they dress. Dressing has always been a big deal for us, even during communism when we didn't have "options,” looking fashionable and put-together was the societal norm and expectation. So you see less grungy, messy looks and more dressed up looks in Russia…My mom has always taught me to remember that I am a woman and it is our obligation to look good

LM: Is there an up-and-coming designer you're obsessed with? Why?

MD: I love Ostwald Helgason and think they’re extremely talented. Tata-Naka from Georgia. Ksenia Kireeva and Natasha Zinko from Ukraine. Vika Gazinskaya, Alexander Terekhov from Russia are super-talented.

LM: What spring trend are you most excited to wear? Why?

MD: I love bright colors, especially yellow, so am looking forward to mixing my brights.

LM: How does it feel to be a street style star?

MD: You said "a star" and I unintentionally started acting like David Bowie!  Seriously, I dont take myself as a star and never did. I don't consider myself a star. I’m really grateful and touched that people are interested in me, but I know I make mistakes that I’m always learning from. I believe dressing is a way of expressing oneself.

LM: Has the street style attention changed how you dress? How?

MD: I am probably a lot more careful now and wary of the fact that the photographers can capture me.

LM: What does your family think about you being a street style star?

MD: My husband is not into fashion. For him, the fashion world is like a different language. Although, I don’t think he thinks of me in terms of being a “street style star," he is very supportive of what I do. It is always fun when we discuss economic issues of the European Union and then someone from work calls me on my phone and I start talking about fashion. He doesn't understand a word I am saying, but he is very supportive of what I do and i am grateful for that.  

LM: What style advice do you give to fans?

MD: Be yourself!

LM: What was the last thing you purchased?

MD: A few amazing pieces by a very talented Korean designer at Joyce in Hong Kong.

LM: What's the favorite thing in your closet right now?  

MD: Stubbs and Wootton slippers. So comfy and adorable.

LM: What are your favorite places to shop around the world?

MD: I love Dover Street Market in London, Colette in Paris, Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and during my recent trip to Hong Kong, I loved Joyce and Lane Crawford. And in Russia TSUM of course.

LM: Do you shop online? What are your favorite stores?

MD: Moda Operandi and soon we are relaunching TSUM e-commerce, which hopefully is going to look really chic.

LM: We love your cropped cut—who does it?

MD: Do you really? I so don't like it! Growing my hair!

LM: What was your inspiration to go short?

MD: Owen Wilson! I am kidding. After I had my baby and breastfeeding for six months, I had real troubles with my hair, it needed some change, a short cut. Now I'm trying to cure it as much as possible to get back the beautiful hair I used to have before I got my sweet little Georgie.

LM: How did the idea for Buro 24/7 come about?

MD: I am a strong believer and supporter of the digital movement. So having an online publication in Russia just made sense. I started it with my best friend and today we have a very strong presence in Russia and an international following. We have been selling licenses and setting up Buro24/7 by license in other countries and other languages.

LM: We’re dying to read it in English. When is the English version coming out?

MD: We plan to launch an English version this year which will be UK-based, covering the U.S. and UK markets as well as any anchor news published on the Russian site but in English. We are also in talks to launch Buro in Middle East, Asia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Scandinavia, France, and more.

LM: Tell me about any new projects coming up.

MD: I am now working with TSUM, the largest department store in Russia, as their digital media director. I love keeping busy and we have many great projects in store!

LM: What are your favorite websites?

MD: Buro24/7 of course! Style.com is amazing and Lifestyle Mirror. BBC.com, Euronews.com.

By Maridel Reyes (@maridelreyes)

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