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We discovered the five things you didn’t know about supermodel Jessica Hart. Photographed by Walter Chin. Styled by Chelsea Gombes.
Video by Giorgio Arcelli Fontana.

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It’s the middle of the afternoon at the futuristic Yotel in Manhattan, but the party is already in full effect.

Unsuspecting restaurant-goers crane their necks for a glimpse of the action in the next room. There’s the tantalizing pop of flashbulbs, the swishing of a beaded curtain, and throbbing music. In the middle of it all is Australian supermodel Jessica Hart.

Even if you don’t know her name, you’ve definitely seen her in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition, the Victoria’s Secret catalog, and her brief stint on Whitney Port’s reality show The City. 

We got straight to Hart after her exclusive Lifestyle Mirror photo shoot and learned she’s much more than a pretty face. Here are five things you need to know about the star, in her own words:

1. She was going to get her trademark tooth gap fixed. But changed her mind.“I remember telling my mom, I wanna get [my tooth gap] closed. I went to the dentist and they said that to close it, they’re going to have to snip the gum between the teeth and cut it out and I’d have to wear braces and a head unit that I’d have to reel in at night, and I decided that that was way worse than the gap, so I kept it… It’s pretty prominent in my face. So I think that it’s definitely my thing that sets me apart from the rest.”

2. She builds custom BMX bikes.“When I was younger, I used to always ride them. Recently I was talking to one of my mates in Australia and he was talking about how he’s building one and I thought, Oh my gosh that sounds like so much fun. When I was little, I dreamed of being able to design and build my own bike, so I started doing it. I just started buying all the parts separately on eBay, designing the colorways, and it took me ages because I was doing everything from scratch and also from original pieces from the ’80s. I design them and get all the pieces and then take them to the bike shop. Finally I put this bike together and I love it and I ride it as often as I can. I got so addicted to it, I built three more so I have four at home that are just sitting there, but they’re all different, all different colors, but they’re really cool.”


3. She designs clothes too.“My clothing line for Pencey Standard came about [because] I was wearing a lot of their clothes for a while. And I think they started to notice that I was putting them on my blog and they contacted my people and we kind of just went for it. It’s something I love doing. I can go from super girly to super boyish, so depending on what I’m feeling at that particular time. My last line with them was quite ’70s. I was really loving florals, big high-waisted wide-legged pants, and things like that. I find myself designing basically my own wardrobe.”

4. But she doesn’t want to be a model-actress.“I don’t think that acting is really for me. There’s something about it that kind of freaks me out. It sounds strange because it’s almost the same as [modeling], just having all eyes on you and really putting yourself out there in quite a vulnerable situation a lot of times, and I don’t know if I’m built for that. Designing I’m loving doing—it’s my creative outlet. I wanna have my own kind of path. I don’t like to copy anyone.”

5. She’s a secret online shopper.“I do a lot of online shopping. I shop eBay, Net-A-Porter occasionally, ShopBop, direct websites—if I think I want something from Rag & Bone I’ll go there, or Equipment I’ll go there. It really depends what I’m looking for.” -Maridel Reyes (@maridelreyes)

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