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Aimee Song: Secrets to Her Blogging Success

Lifestyle Mirror’s latest guest editor and Song of Style blogger Aimee Song has two thriving careers, a loyal online following and a certain California cool. Read on for the secrets to her success. Photographed by Frankie Batista. Styled by Olivia Segerstrom and Jaime Catino. Makeup by UZO with NARS Cosmetics. Hair by Jarrett Iovinella. Creative director Alessandra Orsi.

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These days, it’s tough enough to have one thriving career. Well, how about two? Lifestyle Mirror's latest guest editor and Song of Style blogger Aimee Song has managed to become both a blogging mogul and a successful interior designer.

How does she do it? And look so good the entire time?  (Hint: It involves some unusual sleeping habits.) We caught up with her in her hometown of Los Angeles to talk about her inspirations, what she’s learned from being burned by other bloggers, and the one thing she’ll never blog about.

Read on for the secrets to her success—and snag a bit of her California chic. And stay tuned to Lifestyle Mirror during the next few weeks for daily articles curated by Song herself.

Lifestyle Mirror: Why did you decide to start blogging?

Aimee Song: I wanted to start a blog to share my passion for interior design. And my second post, I decided to post an outfit picture. I’ve always loved taking photos of myself, and I’ve always been sharing it on Facebook and MySpace back then, and it was just so natural for me to share it on my blog. And then post did a really good—it got a really good response, and it became a fashion blog.

LM: Why do you think your blog has struck a chord with readers?

AS: I have a full-time job. I’m a real person, and I think that’s what they like about my blog—the fact that I have a job, and I have a real budget, instead of a very high budget. 

LM: Describe the moment when you knew you had made it as a blogger.

AS: I honestly still feel like I haven’t made it. But the first time I actually felt like I got acknowledged, or felt really somewhat successful was when I was in a magazine. And my parents and my grandmother approved of what I was doing. They honestly didn’t understand the concept of blogging…they thought it was getting in the way of my studies. And when they saw the magazine feature, and it was a really good write-up, and it was in Korean—they’re both Korean—so when they read it, they were so proud of me.

LM: Are there topics you specifically won’t blog about?

AS: I guess because it’s more of a style blog—like personal outfit and interior design—I don’t think I would blog about personal issues. Although sometimes I want to, because I get so many requests and emails. I do like to keep everything somewhat separate, which I why I also don’t really blog about my interior design work on the blog, because I feel like they’re very separate things.

LM: Where do you get your inspiration?

AS: I get my inspiration from most of my travels. I’m so lucky to be able to travel to so many beautiful places that I would have never traveled to before if I didn’t have a blog. And all these amazing places that I go to, I love art, the architecture, the people that I meet, the people that I see. Sometimes I get inspired by nature, like when I’m going out to go surfing early in the morning. All these colors inspire me, and then I’m like, “Oh, I want to find a painting like this, or a fabric like this, or do an interior like this.” Everything around me really inspires me, not just one specific thing.

LM: How do you balance your blog and a full-time job as an interior designer?

AS: My blogging has taken over my life, basically. So having a boyfriend who is very understanding—that’s been very helpful. Also, I don’t really sleep. I’ve always gotten comments from people because I Instagram very late at night or very early in the morning, and I tweet and answer emails. And people are like, “Why aren’t you sleeping?” And I’m like, “I don’t sleep. I can’t sleep. If I slept eight hours like everybody else, I could only do one thing, ya know?” So, I don’t sleep much, and I don’t have that much personal time. I don’t go out often; I hardly ever go out, or hang out with my friends even if I want to because I’m so tired and have to work. So those are those things that I have to give up in order to keep both jobs.

LM: So how many hours do you sleep per night?

AS: Lately, probably like four hours max, and then on the weekend I’ll probably sleep like six hours. And then I crash. I go on like this for three months and then I crash for like two days, where I’m like a dead person, like a zombie on the bed.

LM: You’ve been burned by other bloggers in the past. What lesson did you learn from those experiences?

AS: I learned my lesson very early on when I first started my blog—maybe about after a year. I learned not to share too much. In the beginning stages, I did get burned. They kind of went behind my back, where I gave them my rate and the blogger found out and contacted these people and gave them a lower rate and what not. So, I learned my lesson not to share too much, to share just a little bit. But all of my best friends, my closest friends who are bloggers, they’re still genuinely happy for me. A lot of times when I’m going to a job, and meeting with the brand reps, they ask me like, “Who are your other blogger friends?” these are the same bloggers that I would push, because I really want them to be successful, as well. And then they would do the same for me. Like one of my closest blogger friends is Chriselle, she’s like a YouTube blogger and a style blogger, and we’re always pushing each other, promoting each other, and supporting each other like crazy…You don’t just visit one personal fashion blog; you visit a bunch. So I think it’s great if you can support each other, you know?

LM: What advice would you give to an up-and-coming blogger?

AS: Don’t do it for the money. If their goal is to make money, than the way they start blogging will be obvious. I feel like it won’t be genuine to the readers. I never started blogging because I wanted to make money; it was just because it was like a creative outlet for me. And I genuinely loved sharing my passion and my interests with everybody—my friends and from friends to readers, to random people that I never met but I’ve met through my blog. But I still keep that same motto, where I don’t do it for the money. I could live comfortably without a blog. The only reason I still do my interior design practice, even though I could still live with my blog without the interior design job is because I love interior design; I love making beautiful spaces and vice-versa.  

LM: You’re a California girl. How does that affect your personal style?

AS: Because I’m a Cali girl, I live in denim shorts, obviously. I was actually born and raised in Los Angeles, and I moved to San Francisco after high school during college and that was the smartest thing for me to do. That’s where I grew up as a person, and also my personal style changed tremendously because San Francisco is really cold and that was the first time that I needed to learn how to layer. And that’s also when I started my fashion blog. So I feel like my style evolved when I moved to San Francisco, and also being around so many artsy, creative people—that has changed me.  

LM: What style advice would you give readers?

AS: Make sure you know your fit, whether you’re buying something really expensive or something really cheap, low-end, as long as it fits you well, it’ll look like a million bucks.

By Maridel Reyes (@maridelreyes)

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